Fly Kits/Pike Flies


“On The Fly With Big Sky Flies”
Fly Fishing is one of our true loves in the fishing world. Nothing truly beats the thrill of fighting a beautiful rainbow trout, stubborn bull trout or toothy pike on a fly rod. At Big Sky Flies and Jigs we have sourced top quality flies for your fishing convenience. Everything from chronomids, nymphs, dry flies, streamers and pike flies to suit your fishing needs. If you are interested in additional flies not currently offered online, please contact us. We have over 40,000 flies in stock and would be happy to fill custom orders. 


 Photo taken by : Alysha Gurney ( Chinook Lake A.B)


                                                                                                Did You Know???

You can also use flies on a spin cast rod. Just tie on a bead head nymph, chironomid or streamer. Then attach either a fly fishing indicator or small bobber. Cast it out and wait for the bite. Adjust the indicator or bobber on your line to play with depth. There are many advantages to this. What a great opportunity to try using flies before investing in entire set up. This is an easy way for the kiddos to learn how to fish using flies. Flies also imitate trout's natural food source and seem to attract more bites than using bait. Lastly, flies usually result in lower mortality rates for trout because they often do not swallow a fly like they would bait.