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Forty Mile Reservoir May 20-21

Chin Lake June 3-4

AYA Angler Young Angler- Chin Lake June 5

Forty Mile Reservoir June 17-18


Hello Anglers!  


We are moving to an online format for the pictures for our tournaments as a trial for this year...we hope that this will help make the process a little more efficient.  My Catch will be helping by supporting us with their online system.  All 3 tournaments will be with the online format.  The SAWT is proud to announce we are live with the MyCatch app as we are on the countdown to less than a month away from the first tournament. The first results will be posted 2:00pm or later each day. Once all results are reviewed and finalized,  the final results will be posted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

All photos will now be taken on your phone and submitted to the weigh master right away.   

All measurements will then be converted to weight (lbs) like we have always done with the SAWT.

The format will still be best 5 fish per day.  

More than 5 fish can be submitted, but only if they are upgraded fish, there is no need to send in a picture of a smaller fish than previously submitted.  It is the Angler's responsibility to know what size fish have been sent in.  

We will still be using the SAWT weigh boards which will be handed out each morning at boat check. Stay tuned for the official rules and the entry form to be added to the SAWT website.  


Also new this year, we are going to have the regular tournament entry of $350.00, with the addition of ***2 bonus side pots***.


Anglers will have the option to enter the First tier of $150.00, and then if you choose to compete for the BIG SIDE POT, there will be a Second tier of an additional $500.00.  

In order to enter the Second Tier, you must be registered for the Regular tournament and the First Tier.  The 2 bonus pools paid out will be the top 5; 1st place takes 50% of each bonus pool, and the balance to be determined on the remaining.  If you enter all 3 (Regular, Tier 1 and Tier 2) then the total cost will be $1000.00 per team plus the $20.00 per Angler membership fee.  

We will be starting online registration on March 15th.   

All tournaments will be capped at 80 teams with 2 people per team in each boat ao get your entry forms in early.  


Registration is well underway, thank you to all of the teams who have already registered and paid.  Anyone who is registered and paid for all three tournaments by May 4th will be entered into an early bird draw for a chance to win $300 at each tournament!  Last year we missed these draws, (but Carla still has the list) so at the first tournament, we will do 3 draws for $300 each.  We should have some happy and surprised teams to start this new year! 


Talk to you soon,