Wes David ( Fishing The Wild West TV Host ) Review

Wes David ( Fishing The Wild West TV Host ) Review

2014 Feb 15th

Canadian Made Big Sky Flies & Jigs

It was already 27 degreesCelsius by10:30amon the second day of the walleye tournament. I was vertical jigging in 21 feet of water lifting jig tipped with a frozen minnow just off the bottom concentrating on the subtle biting walleye holding the structure beneath my boat. Other boats around me struggled for a bit under the brighton conditions but every few minutes my rod would bow under the weight of a walleye. Was it the rod and reel I was using,or the fishing line, or the minnows I was presenting? No,it was the attention to detail in the Canadian made hand-painted Big Sky Jig that was presenting the minnow that the walleye couldn’t resist.

Every year I have the good fortune of trying out a variety of new fishing products. From rods and reels,fishing line, to electronics, I field test these products on a variety of different fish species under a variety of different conditions doing my best to find their strengths and weaknesses. Most of these products stand up to myabusebuttherealways seems to be one product that is unforgettable and stands out from the rest. Some of these products make my days on the water more comfortable,easier to find fish, and some produce more fish than their closest competitor. Big Sky Jigs is hands down one of those products that standalone.

Last March, I had the good fortune of meeting Dan and Alysha, the owners of Big Sky Flies & Jigs. After a short conversation, they handed me a box of hand-pouredand hand-painted jigs to try throughout the season. I marveled at the quality and attention to detail of the jigs but after using a number of manufacturer’s jigs over the years, I gave them very little thought. However, mid-way through the season, Big Sky Jigs became mygo-tobait,especially during tough fishing conditions.

I fished the entire far-weather fishing season jigging only Big Sky Jigs for pike, lake trout, rainbow trout, perch, walleye, smallmouth bass, and even a variety of saltwater species and I Truly Did everything in my power to find the jig’s weakness.

Big SkyPaint

Paint is the first thing I notice a quality jig. Not the pretty colours the jigs come in but how those pretty colors hold up to toothy predators. If any predator gamefish is going to scar paint on any jigs or lures it’s going to be northern pikeso northern pike was the first species I tried the Big Sky Jigs on.As I tied on a jig and baited it with a plastic imitation minnow, Ianticipatingthe paint chips to flyasthepike gorged on my presentation. However, I knew I was fishing with quality jigs after punching through the weeds and landing 37 toothynorthernpikeranging in size from four pounds to 22-poundswithone 1/2oz Big Sky Jig and the jig didn’t have any paint damage. I’ve had jig companies send me jigs through the mail and the paint was already chipping off when Opened package indicating they’re not a quality product and I would never recommend them to a fellow angler.However, that isdefinitelynot the case with Big Sky Jigsor any of their paint-schemes including their glow paints.

After Spending over 120 days on the water this past summer I have yet to have any paint issues and unless I broke a jig off or wanted to tie on a different Big Sky Jig,I never changed jigs due to scarring paint issues throughout my day on the water.

The Hook

Unless You make jigs there’s not a whole lot for the everyday angler to look at but the second thing Ipayattentionto when I’m looking at a jig is the hook.

Many jigs on the market use a no-name brand of wire-hooks that either doesn’t staysharp,easily bends orevenstraightens, orin a worst case, the wire-hook brakes off while the anglers fighting a fish. However, that is not the case with Big Sky Jigs as they use only quality EagleClaw wire-hooks with every jig that is hand-poured and hand-painted. I never once had to sharpen a hook and I have never had a hook issue of a kind, including fighting 20-pound lake trout or 100-pound halibut with the 3oz saltwater jigs.When Fish bites and I set the hook,hook penetration is guaranteed.

Regardlessifyou're The water pleasure fishing or fishing under the pressures of tournament conditions, anglers may appreciate the durability of the Eagle Claw hooks or the 170 different hand-painted color schemes that Big Sky Jigs have, or you may appreciate a combination of both. However, the one thing that will quickly growing you the confidence you will gain in this great Canadian made product.

Big Sky Jigs have become my go-to jig for any fish species under any jigging situation,especiallywhen it comes to a toughbite.

Wes David